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Thought Leadership: Mindgrub’s Technology & Innovation Panel

Josh Peters

Bozzuto Construction Company Senior Vice President Josh Peters recently participated on an innovation and technology panel at Mindgrub’s Outdoor Speaker Series in Baltimore, MD. When asked about technology in construction, Peters emphasized the importance of industry-wide investment in research and development (R&D). “Currently, the agricultural industry invests three times more in R&D than the construction industry does, while manufacturing invests ten times more,” said Peters.

“More R&D will help us be more operationally efficient and allow us to stand by our initiatives. For example, Bozzuto Construction Company is reviewing and incorporating technology that collects and analyzes our data so we can plan with a higher level of confidence and intervene quickly if there is a sign of a potential problem. Usage of drones, high-definition surveying, virtual reality and other forms of technology assist tremendously with planning and productivity while minimizing resources and rework.”

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