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Influencing the Industry: Successfully Operating in a Pandemic

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Since March, Bozzuto Construction and others across the industry have to seriously adapt and adjust how we operate and do business. And since the challenges brought on by COVID-19 are of a magnitude we have not previously experienced, we had to push forward, no matter how uncomfortable.

Looking back at the past six long months, I am so impressed with how far we have come. We have had to overcome many obstacles in order to keep our sites safe and operational, and we are a stronger company because of it. Overall, we attribute our success to the following.

Act quickly and with agility.

As always, safety comes first. We immediately created a task force made up of our safety and leadership teams. We met three times per week to monitor the situation and manage communications. And we quickly launched our continuity plan and enhanced procedures to safeguard our workers and jobsites.

Constantly evolve.

Once protocols were in place, our leadership team proactively revisited and revised them upon real-time feedback from our safety and project teams. For example, our original plan, which included social distancing guidelines was almost immediately updated, as we took the initiative to mandate face coverings before local jurisdictions made them a requirement. Then, we hired onsite nurses to take temperatures daily before workers were permitted on our jobsites. Most recently, we implemented myComply, a software that automates the temperature taking process and helps make contact tracing easy and accurate.

Share information.

Knowledge is vital – especially during a pandemic. This is why we regularly engage in peer groups with nearly 30 general contractors across the country. Over the past several months, we have also virtually met with some of our clients to share COVID-related impacts on construction pricing, material delays, and productivity. In turn, these meetings gave us an opportunity to learn about the challenges they are facing. This exchange of information with our peers and partners has better equipped us to overcome obstacles and make informed decisions in an environment of uncertainty.

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