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The Bozzuto Buzz is about coming together and connecting as a community—sharing our stories and using our voices to express the triumphs and challenges we face. In this issue, we are excited to introduce a new employee resource group and share some exciting events and stories. 


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Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month With Bozzuto’s HAAPI Belonging at Bozzuto Thanks for Joining the Race to End Poverty One Bozzuto Brings Sanctuary to Quincy Has Your Child Applied for the Bozzuto Journey Scholarship Yet? Get Ready for Pride Month


Embracing the Vitality of Unity and Inclusion: An Introduction by Pei Pei Chan Mirabella

Pei Pei Chan Mirabella, Senior Vice President, Bozzuto Management Company

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the histories of a vast and growing group in the United States. For decades, the importance and contributions of this community have been increasingly recognized by political leadership across the country—what started as a week to officially honor Asian Pacific American heritage in 1978 was written into law as a month-long celebration in 1992. This is a long way from the America faced by Asian Pacific citizens of the past. It’s no accident that our heritage month was declared for May, which marks the anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869, for which the vast majority of workers were Chinese immigrants. May is also the same month that witnessed the first US legislation banning a specific ethnicity from entering in 1882. 

Growing up in a community as one of the only minorities, let alone Asian Americans, for a long time I wasn’t sure of how I fit in or honestly wasn’t even fully aware of this part of my identity. But with time, I learned to embrace all of me: owning my unique name, being proud I could speak another language, enjoying the delicious cuisine of my heritage, feeling grateful for the centrality of family to my daily life and way forward in the world—and how fortunate I was to have a wonderful childhood growing up in rural America. This perspective has gifted me with and made real the vitality of unity and inclusion, and the recognition that the unfamiliar can be a beautiful thing, pushing us all to learn and grow.

Looking back, we can all agree there has been progress, but as recent coverage of continued hate crimes have made abundantly obvious, we also have a long way to go to address the remaining prejudices and discrimination against the Asian community. I for one am excited about being part of a team working to overcome this adversity and seizing the opportunity to help all of us grow, together.

Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month With Bozzuto’s HAAPI

During the month of May, we come together to celebrate the cultures, contributions and experiences of Asian and Pacific Islander people for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM). This year’s celebration is made even more extraordinary by the launch of HAAPI (Hapa / Asian American / Pacific Islander), our newest employee resource group (ERG) that brings together Bozzuto associates of Asian and Pacific Island heritage and provides a space to celebrate our diverse histories, cultures and experiences. The founding leaders of HAAPI, who represent backgrounds from six different Asian countries, are excited to connect the Asian and Pacific Islander Bozzuto community and bring awareness to their diverse cultures through education and charitable service. 

Save the Date 

Please join HAAPI on Thursday, May 20, 2021 for “Remembering Our Beginnings,” HAAPI’s inaugural event celebrating APAHM. During the virtual event, we’ll learn about this newest employee resource group and the significance of the month, hear from Bozzuto leadership, watch videos about HAAPI members’ family stories and listen to a presentation from a special guest speaker, RosaLinda Yangas. RSVP for the event here. 

Say Hello in Your Native Language 

Are you interested in being a part of our event? If you are a Bozzuto associate of Asian or Pacific Island descent, we invite you to submit a short video of you saying “hello” in your native language—you can include your family in the video if you’d like. We will compile and show everyone’s videos during our “Remembering Our Beginnings” event on May 20. For more information on how to submit, click here. To join HAAPI or learn more about this ERG, please visit our Teleskope page.  Back to Top  

Belonging at Bozzuto

The programs and initiatives that we offer to our associates are developed with the employee experience at the forefront of every decision, to ensure a culture that celebrates our diverse backgrounds and valuable perspectives. That sense of “Belonging at Bozzuto” encompasses our company’s collective diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. For years, we’ve been evolving our approach to ensure we’re fostering a workplace that celebrates diversity and builds upon our culture of kindness. This includes training, employee resource groups (ERGs) and discussions, all of which have been carefully curated to nurture a sense of belonging among all our team members.    We’re proud to offer our employees meaningful opportunities to connect through our seven ERGs, which allow us to celebrate shared cultures and experiences and learn about different backgrounds and perspectives. We recently introduced our newest ERG, HAAPI (Hapa/Asian American/Pacific Islander), earlier this month to support and bring together Bozzuto associates of Asian and Pacific Island heritage. We look forward to launching more in the future that represent the diverse backgrounds of our associates.  Also launched earlier this month was Family Taking Care of Family: Community Conversations, a continuation of the Courageous Conversations series initiated in 2020. These sessions, hosted over Zoom by the facilitators who hosted Courageous Conversations, provide opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue about recent events and social issues. Employees who have attended these sessions provided feedback that they have gained enriched personal experiences and new perspectives by listening to others. To see upcoming sessions or learn more about this series, please visit BOLD here 

A Look at What’s to Come  

Over the past year and a half, we’ve partnered with a third-party agency specializing in diversity, equity and inclusion program development to create an inclusionary leadership training for Bozzuto employees. This immersive experience is designed to encourage participants to reflect on their unconscious biases, teach inclusive thought processes and behaviors, and provide tools to have meaningful discussions with team members throughout the company. Phase one of the program will launch with managers, additional team members will partake in the training beginning late summer. There are many ways to take action and do your part to ensure Bozzuto is an inclusive workplace for all. Our central Belonging at Bozzuto homepage on the intranet gives you easy access to all these resources and opportunities. Even better, to help you stay up to date with the latest Belonging at Bozzuto resources, we are bringing you a newsletter specifically dedicated to providing updates about our DEI offerings. Keep an eye out for this in the coming months.    Our company culture lives within each of us. Stay tuned for updates about our upcoming Belonging at Bozzuto opportunities in the coming weeks. We thank you for being a part of our journey to being as inclusive and welcoming a company as possible. Back to Top  

Team Bozzuto Hits the Pavement

Nearly 200 members of Team Bozzuto laced up their sneakers to run or walk in A Wider Circle’s Race to End Poverty on May 1, 2021. Team Bozzuto—made up of 188 team members from 14 different states—was the largest team to participate in the race and raised nearly $14,000  for A Wider Circle. These funds go directly towards their workforce development and neighborhood partnership programs, which support clients in everything from job search resources and mentorship, to furnishing entire homes for families who have been homeless, provide meals for families and so much more.  The winning run time for Team Bozzuto goes to Bozzuto Construction Company Estimator Rishi Pandey, who ran a pace of 4:38 for not just a 5K, but 5 miles in Central Park. Congratulations, Rishi.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the Race to End Poverty—we’re already looking forward to next year’s race!  Back to Top  

One Bozzuto Brings Sanctuary to Quincy

The Abby, Bozzuto Development Company (BDC)’s 610-apartment home, mixed-use community being built in Quincy, Massachusetts, is considered one of Bozzuto’s largest and most complex projects to date. The numerous members of the team involved with this project, led by BDC Development Manager Leigh Jester, have been working tirelessly to ensure everything goes smoothly in this historic town. Leigh draws on her unique experience and training as an architect to set her up for success on Bozzuto’s first project in the Boston region. Read about her story, The Abby team and uncover some exciting details about the community here.  Back to Top  

Has Your Child Applied for the Bozzuto Journey Scholarship Yet?

As a company that believes in investing in the education and personal development of our associates, we want to extend the opportunity for educational growth to your families as well. After receiving an enthusiastic response to the Bozzuto Journey Scholarship Program in 2019, we are looking forward to welcoming our second class of well-deserving Bozzuto Journey Scholars this summer.   This scholarship program is intended to help defray the cost of post-high school studies at accredited universities or institutions for the children of eligible Bozzuto employees. Through our partnership with Scholarship America, the largest manager of scholarship programs in the country, Bozzuto will award a total of 12 scholarships for undergraduate or vocational studies. While we established the guidelines for the program, Bozzuto will not have any involvement with the review or selection of applications.  One-time scholarships will be awarded to one recipient per family per year, allocated as follows: 

  • Up to six (6) $2,500 scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors or graduates or current college undergraduates enrolled in an accredited four-year undergraduate college degree program for the entire upcoming academic year.  
  • Up to six (6) $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors or graduates or current enrollees in an accredited two-year vocational/technical certificate program for the entire upcoming academic year.  

Interested applicants should submit their completed applications no later than 4 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. Scholarship recipients will be notified in July and the awards will be paid directly to the recipient scholars’ schools in August. Those not selected for the scholarship will be informed after the winners. Click here to view the application portal. Back to Top  

 Get Ready for Pride Month in June

Pride month is an annual recognition of the LGBTQ+ community and LIFT (LGBTQ+ Individuals and Friends Together) employee resource group is putting together a toolkit that will help you celebrate all month long—stay tuned for updates and resources to help you commemorate the month. Back to Top  

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