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One Bozzuto Brings Sanctuary to Quincy

An amenity space in The Abby

The Abby, Bozzuto Development Company (BDC)’s 610-apartment home, mixed-use community being built in Quincy, Massachusetts, is considered one of Bozzuto’s largest and most complex projects to date. The numerous members of the team involved with this project, led by BDC Development Manager Leigh Jester, have been working tirelessly to ensure everything goes smoothly in this historic town. Leigh draws on her unique experience and training as an architect to set her up for success on Bozzuto’s first project in the Boston region.

The Abby has had an all-star team from its inception. Chief Administrative Officer Julie Smith, Bozzuto Management Company (BMC) President Stephanie Williams and BMC Senior Vice President Amy Medugno were instrumental i­n making sure the design of the amenity spaces and unit layouts met BMC’s standards. BDC & BHI President Mike Henehan has lent his expertise to this exceptional project, overseeing the development work. BMC Director of Marketing Kate Becker has played a key role in developing The Abby’s unique brand. Under the guidance of BMC Regional Vice President Laura Burr, General Manager Callah Adelino and her team ensure the day-to-day functions of The Abby are progressing well. Working hand-in-hand with Bozzuto Construction Company Project Executive James Wrisley, Leigh relies on her architectural experience to make quick and well-reasoned decisions on design and technical matters alike.

The model unit in The Abby

While she loved architecture, Leigh discovered over time that she wanted to pursue a different career path. She was curious about real estate development, where she felt she could use her full skill set and work on all the elements that go into those projects. As a woman working in real estate development, Leigh’s advice to fellow women in the industry is to have confidence in their skill set. “I’ve been the youngest and the only woman in the room, but that doesn’t mean my ideas aren’t the best,” she explained. Leigh encourages women to share their ideas and speak up—a sentiment the namesake of The Abby, First Lady Abigail Adams, would surely agree with wholeheartedly. The community is inspired by Abigail’s spirited writings and iconic legacy and empowers the visionaries of today to discover their own definitions of freedom.

The team is excited about the impact The Abby will have on the surrounding community. BDC is working closely with BMC to understand the needs of future residents and ensure their spaces are reflective of them, especially during COVID-19. The development plans for The Abby were well underway prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and had already implemented a lot of forward-thinking designs that are conducive to residents’ evolving needs, interests and behaviors, a testament to the team’s goal to not overcorrect for the moment, but to strive for the best, timeless designs.

Outdoor space at The Abby

As a new neighbor, The Abby will offer retail and transportation options, create new park spaces and bring new life to the local Quincy communities. The stages of development are progressing as targeted; 285 Hancock St, which includes apartment residences, a courtyard, solarium and on-site retail space, was delivered just this past month and is now leasing. When The Abby began taking leasing applications on April 19 of this year, they received three applications within just three hours and lined up an impressive 55 tours within three days. 255 Hancock St., which includes apartment residences, on-site retail and the bulk of the amenity spaces, is scheduled to deliver later this summer, and 225 Hancock St., which is also home to apartment residences, amenity spaces and on-site retail, will complete the trio upon its delivery in fall 2022. The community also includes a garage adjoining the connected MBTA North Quincy station for public use, further enhancing The Abby’s positive impact on the neighborhood.

The Abby team is proud to work on the creation of this exciting project for the residents of Quincy—they feel fortunate to create a home for others that brings so much impact and honors the area’s history. Keep an eye out for more updates about this groundbreaking community.

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