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National Hispanic Heritage Month & Rise Collaboration 
Tom & Barbara Bozzuto Inducted into The Baltimore Sun’s Business & Civic Hall of Fame
A Heart for Hospitality: Rosalba Melo’s Bozzuto Journey
Celebrating Our Team Members
Bozzuto Recognized for Inclusive Culture & Commitment to Social Impact


Honoring Our Cultures by Giving Back to Our Communities

As Latina women, we frequently reflect on the impact our cultures have had on nearly every aspect on our societyAs many of you know, National Hispanic Heritage Month began last week. Observed from September 15 – October 15 every year, it’s a time for meaningful reflection and celebration of the Hispanic and Latino cultures that we’re proud to belong to.  


As I reflect on Hispanic and Latino communities’ contributions to our country, I think about the impact that many Puerto Ricans have had on the arts, the government, science and sports. Growing up, I looked up to many people that have had a positive impact on not only the Hispanic community, but also the United States as a whole. However, the one Latina woman that has influenced me the most has been my mother. My mother, an educator who moved her family to this country when I was just 15 years old, showed me the importance of continuing education despite the financial and linguistic limitations we faced at the time. It was she who exposed me to better opportunities, who told me about the responsibilities we had as citizens and who taught me to think big in a country that was foreign to us.   

The pride I feel to belong to a culture that shares African folklore, the Spanish language, and Taíno traditions is indescribable. It is because of that pride and heritage that I strive to be the best I can be and contribute in a positive way to our society.

Adanise Cross
Regional Vice President


National Hispanic Heritage Month means a lot to me. As a Latina American, I feel that I get to experience multiple cultures. My home has always been filled with dual languages, delicious cultural foods, great music and a deep love for family. Growing up, I never realized that the time my parents took to ensure I could speak and read Spanish would serve me in so many ways later in life. I have a kinship and a connection to my culture because of them.  

I come from a family that didn’t have much, but they made up for that in love, kindness and integrity—and great food and fun. Being able to collaborate with Rise by Bozzuto for our school supply drive hits close to home for me because often in the Latino communities in which I grew up in, families worked multiple jobs and struggled just to make ends meet. School supplies and clothes are considered a huge expense in underserved communities. Knowing we have the opportunity to collaborate to give back to the children of my communities means a lot. It brings the celebration portion of National Hispanic Heritage Month full circle for me, and I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful collaboration with Rise.  

Jessica Gonzalez
Regional Vice President

In our view, National Hispanic Heritage Month is not only a celebration, but also a time to honor our heritages by giving back to the Hispanic and Latino communities. We’re fortunate to both be a part of VIDA, Bozzuto’s Hispanic and Latino employee resource group.

One of VIDA’s goals is to initiate and organize volunteer events within the Hispanic and Latino communities, especially in underserved neighborhoods. Our goal this year for National Hispanic Heritage Month is to emphasize our commitment to community outreach by working with Rise by Bozzuto on a philanthropic effort benefitting kids in Hispanic and Latino communities. Together, we are collecting school supplies and any other needed items for students and their teachers, fulfilling both of our missions and reaching out to an even bigger audience. You can find more information here. 

In our cultures, family is everything.  What better way to show we are a family serving family than this? 


National Hispanic Heritage Month & Rise Collaboration 

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated from September 15 until October 15, VIDA, our Hispanic and Latino employee resource group, is partnering with Rise by Bozzuto, our social impact program, to collect school supplies for teachers and students in Hispanic and Latino communities. 

VIDA and Rise have invited BMC associates to host school supply drives based on your regions and invite residents to contribute—for more information, click here. We are also hosting a school supply drive at the Greenbelt corporate office to support the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington (BGCGW)—click here for the supply list or to donate directly to BGCGW. 

National Hispanic Heritage Month is a time during which we recognize and honor the cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. Stay tuned for weekly emails from VIDA sharing their histories, recipes, stories and more.


Tom & Barbara Bozzuto Inducted into The Baltimore Sun’s Business & Civic Hall of Fame

On September 9, Chairman and Co-Founder Tom Bozzuto and Barbara Bozzuto were inducted into The Baltimore Sun’s Business and Civic Hall of Fame. This honor is bestowed on individuals who show extraordinary leadership and steadfast commitment to their community. We are thankful for Tom and Barbara’s incredible guidance and offer them our sincerest congratulations on this achievement. Thank you for your commitment to creating sanctuary.  

To read more about this recognition or see the full list of inductees, click here. 


A Heart for Hospitality: Rosalba Melo’s Bozzuto Journey
Associate Retail Asset Manager Rosalba Melo sees past the competitive nature of the real estate industry all the way to our purpose—to create sanctuary. Since beginning at the company nearly six years ago as a sales & marketing associate, Rosalba understands the importance of shared values, developing a growth mindset and fostering a workplace environment of belonging where all are valued and welcome. Read more about her journey and why she places such a high emphasis on fostering a culture of belonging here. 

Celebrating Our Team Members

As a company focused on nurturing our workplace culture of kindness, equity and belonging, we want to make sure you feel welcome and valued. Whether you’ve been with Bozzuto for five days or a few decades, we’re glad you’re here and are delighted to celebrate your loyalty.  

We’re proud to offer two pages that help you get to know and celebrate your colleagues, “Career Milestones at Bozzuto” and “Welcoming Our New Associates.” Both pages are located under the “Meet Our Team” tab on the Bozzuto Intranet and updated daily using information from UltiPro and Bozzuto Link. If you would like to change or remove the headshot that appears on these pages, please follow these instructions on how to upload a photo in Bozzuto Link. 

On the Career Milestones at Bozzuto page, you can see who has attained various tenure milestones and search for specific people. Feel free to email your colleagues a congratulatory message, letting them know you appreciate them.  

On the Welcoming Our New Associates page, you can see the colleagues who’ve recently joined our team. Take a moment to welcome your new colleagues by sending them a note introducing yourself and even offering any words of wisdom you may have. 


Bozzuto Recognized for Inclusive Culture & Commitment to Social Impact

Bozzuto has always taken pride in creating an inclusive and supportive environment for our employees across all our divisions. The recent awards and recognitions we’ve earned reflect that ongoing effort to further establish a culture of kindness within the workplace.  

Bozzuto was recently named a Diversity Champion by and GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum, an accolade that recognizes the top commercial real estate companies who consistently practice inclusivity and implement diverse initiatives within their work.  

In addition to being named a diversity champion, our social impact program, Rise was recognized by Multifamily Executive for the many philanthropic projects successfully carried out since 2020. The campaigns highlighted by MFE included the Race to End Poverty and fundraising partnerships with Sweetgreen and World Central Kitchen. These initiatives would not have been possible without the support of our employees. 

We want to thank all those at Bozzuto for your contributions towards earning these accolades. Your hard work and dedication continuously help create sanctuary for our communities and for each other. 


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