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Employee Spotlight: Project Executive Dan Blatzheim

Bozzuto Construction Project Executive Dan Blatzheim is responsible for a portfolio of projects across the DC/MD/VA region. From start to finish, he oversees each project in its entirety, managing all financial, scheduling, safety, and quality components. From new construction to gut renovations, he has the expertise to successfully manage projects of all scopes.

Please see below to learn a little more about Dan via a short Q&A session we recently had with him.

Q1: As a Project Executive, what would you say a successful workday looks like for you?

DB: Success is fulfilling my role on a daily basis to ensure (1) my project teams are operating efficiently, (2) client and partner expectations are exceeded, and (3) all business requirements are met. I also work every day to promote a collaborative team environment, and to continuously build stronger relationships with my colleagues both inside and outside of Bozzuto.

Q2: Are there any lessons learned that stand out in your career that you wish to share?

DB: Many. But I will share the most important, which is do not put off until tomorrow for what you can do today. In this industry, things pile up quickly, so take all opportunities to get ahead.

Q3: What do you like the most about working at Bozzuto Construction?

DB: I enjoy the family-oriented atmosphere and overall culture. The company also encourages a work/life balance, which I think is great.

Q4: How do you like to spend/enjoy your time away from work?

DB: I like to be outdoors. More specifically, I enjoy boating, fishing, golfing, attending sporting events with my family, and relaxing by the firepit.


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