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From the Desk of Our President: Projects Impacted Due to Hardie Material Availability & Pricing Increases

We have all heard about the impacts lumber has had on projects over the past 18 months. Recently, other commonly used industry materials have been added to this list.

In this article, I want to share information about the 10% increase Bozzuto Construction has seen on Hardie materials, as well as product availability since June, as it is having an impact on project budgets and material selections/schedules. And it is anticipated that this price volatility/material availability will continue to be an issue for at least the next six months.

Between June and July, we received several notices from Hardie around material delays and impacts to all current quotes due to them being over capacity and unable to keep up with demand. Hardie also announced that they put a pause on contracting all Primed products indefinitely in order to overcome their current delays in lead times on all existing orders.

A third notice was issued in August indicating (1) a pause in all Milled Artisan until April 1, 2022, (2) that they were discontinuing Hardie Soffit Beaded Porch Panels and 4×8 James Hardie Backer Board, and (3) that they will only be quoting ColorPlus products for the foreseeable future through their Multi-Family Desk in the Mid-Atlantic market. Note that developers who work outside of the Mid-Atlantic may see larger impacts, as Hardie may not be available in the Central or Southeast.

How does this impact your projects?

Projects that are currently in production should not be impacted due to availability, but there may be increased lead times. Material tracking should be discussed with each subcontractor to ensure that it does not impact the project schedule. If material is available prior to the scheduled onsite installation, then storage options should be explored to ensure the material allocated for that specific project is there once it is needed.

Projects that are currently specified as primed products, but are not yet ordered, should explore the option to switch to ColorPlus. ColorPlus is a great alternative for project and design teams who originally wanted Hardie, but need material in the next six-plus months, as it is readily available in various sizes.

Additionally, if Hardie is unable to meet the schedule and specification requirements of your projects, you may want to consider an option like Allura. Allura is a similar price point to Hardie; however, it does have an 8-12-week lead time, so plan on reviewing submittals and ordering material accordingly. There are certainly other alternatives available, but these could have a larger impact on the overall aesthetic and cost of the project.

Bozzuto Construction will continue to communicate regularly with Hardie and our subcontractors on this situation. And as I said in our last eNewsletter, we will also continue to do whatever possible to ensure that your projects stay on budget.



Mark Weisner
Bozzuto Construction Company


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